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Interior Design in Marbella

Luxury interior design in Marbella
Luxury Interior design library from Alexander's Collection

New business niches on Costa del Sol. Interior design could take a new stage of development. Wealthy Russians and Ukrainians, those who select this location as their primary residence, are some of the best clients for interior designers today. This new niche opens up new opportunities.


Costa del Sol is increasingly becoming a distinctive place where the perception of lifestyle and design, including interior design, is changing dramatically. Whereas in the past, property on the coast was mainly as summer homes, today it is increasingly being turned into the principal living place. Russians, Ukrainians, Polish and people from the Baltic countries are dominating here. The military conflict in Ukraine and all related consequences is the main reason for choosing the place of their new home. Instability and vague prospects of the future change the mentality of the rest as well.

Art furniture for luxury interior design
Outstanding collections of Art furniture

The world resort becomes a home for many. This means there is a niche for business. To live in Marbella, you need sufficient financial funds. By leaving their homes in the countries where they were born, people are leaving not only the property itself, but also their lifestyle.

Ultra luxury brand from Asia - Alexander's Collection

Art furniture in Luxury interior design
Art furniture in Luxury interior design

Инвестиционный Клуб в Марбелье является официальным представителем одного из самых нишевых брендов Азии: Alexander's Collection, дизайнера и производителя уникальных предметов декора и объектов искусства, которыми украшаются дома самых состоятельных клиентов. Его амбициозный слоган “Искусство для миллиардеров” создает настоящую провокацию на рынке, но именно подобные амбиции привлекают внимание.  

Luxury furniture collections for high end interior design
Luxury furniture collections for high end interior design

Investment Club is an official representative of one of Asia's most exclusive niche brands: a designer and manufacturer of exceptional décor and objets d'art that decorate the homes of the wealthiest clients. Its ambitious slogan "Art for Billionaires" provokes the market, but it is this kind of vision that attracts attention.

It is more an art studio than a factory in the usual meaning, but it is the place where such items for decoration are created, the production of which requires not only the art craftsmen, but also the outstanding talent of the designer. This is a factory of design. Or rather 2 production facilities at once, by which Alexander's Collection's craftsmanship is recognised by the most distinguished clientele.

The first factory - art furniture, wood panelling and decorative arts. The second factory is luxury carpets. They are a great complement to all collections. It is no wonder Alexander's Collection is called a style icon in Asia, and the #1 Rug Maker in the manufacturing of luxury rugs of this class. Versace Home trusted Alexander's Collection to make their VERSACE rug collections.

Interior Design for special people

Interior design from Alexander's Collection
Interior design from Alexander's Collection

Is it possible to get a high-class interior, where designer's extraordinary ideas are implemented with art level furniture, art objects, wood paneling but without paying a design fee? Practically, it is impossible.

This becomes possible only if there is a library of unique interior designs, which allows you to adapt the ideas to the real project. But the realization of such an idea would require years of work and talent from the creator. In fact, if we implement such a project, we will get the designer of high-class interiors. It will allow us to quickly prepare projects of any complexity. After all, all the ideas have already been found, and using them is a matter of choices and nothing more.

Manufacturer of Art furniture, Alexander's Collection
Interior design with chinoiserie style fireplace

This is possible only if a Library of unique interior designs has been created, allowing the ideas to be customised for real properties. But the realisation of such an idea would require years of work and talent from the designer. In fact, if you implement such a project, you have to create a ready-made high-end interior design, allowing you to get projects of any complexity quickly. After all, all the ideas have been found, and using them is a matter of a choice and nothing more.

Interior design without hiring a designer

Digital library of designs from Alexander's Collection
Formal dining room interior design from Digital library of Alexander's Collection

This idea has been completed and is ready to be used. Customers have a great advantage: they are able to see in advance how their rooms look like and could select their preferred style from a large library of designs. Further, only customisation to their actual floor plan is required.

Everything that Alexander's Collection Luxury World offers has no similarity on the global market. It took several years to prepare this platform. In addition, these are not ordinary interiors, but the interiors with bespoke collections of art furniture. This kind of furniture could be classified at the level of art gallery exhibits and objects of not just furniture, but art. The talent of the designers takes the first place here. Everything in the world starts with an idea, ideas rule the world. There would be nothing to be realised if the genius of people had not come up with this visual range of objects.

Contemporary side table from Alexander's Collection
Contemporary side table with chinoiserie elements from Alexander's Collection

The history of designing unique interiors is based on achieving a visual effect that is capable of impressing the viewer and making him or her plunge into the special atmosphere, without them realising exactly how the eye is attracted to it. This is what the art of interior design is all about. Without this feeling of inner delight and the impulse to say "wow", the interior remains impersonal. It turns into a mere arrangement of furniture in the space of the room. This is precisely we see in most cases. But we are talking about high-class interiors, not about the impersonality of the evil of the day.

Digital library of Interior Design, Alexander's Collection
Wine room interior design from Digital library of Alexander's Collection

That's why Alexander's Collection has built this special library of designs from luxurious living rooms, grand dining rooms, cosy bedrooms, to designer wineries and unique swimming pools, where the entire space works towards the main idea: to evoke an atmosphere that inspires a sense of effortless delight. We think we've succeeded. We proposed completely different styles, from neoclassical to minimalist. The development of the library was based on the taste preferences of different clients, whose lifestyles imply a similar level of sophistication.

How digital library of designs could be used by designers to work with clients

Alexander's Collection - designer and manufacturer of art furniture and #1 Rug maker
Designing of living space from Alexander's Collection

Interior designers are trade customers. They have special terms for services and discounts on all products from manufacturers' retail prices. This gives designers an opportunity to earn a fair income. At the same time, for their clients, the cost of the design project for the client could completely become the designer's income. If the designer selects a ready-made interior design from our library and does not significantly change the elements and concept, then we have already done all the work for him. If their client wants to change anything, the designer's work will have to be paid additionally, and this is standard in the industry.

Designers, together with the client can easily select interiors for projects of any complexity and scope. Then comes the process of adapting the design idea and tying it to the actual object.



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