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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We discover a special world for you. It's the world of new ideas, new opportunities that go beyond the ordinary. We offer projects for like-minded people who are interested in investing in interesting real estate projects with a high rate of return, much higher than market standards. We also work for those entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to open a business in another country.

Investment Club is the place for business ideas.

A team of professionals and enthusiasts meet you in Marbella. This is our market for investment.

All projects are strictly confidential and are not opened to the public. They are only for the investors. All meetings are by appointment only.

There is no match for the projects in the world. They are not just residential properties but conceptual ones with their own philosophy. We invest with you or act as a developer if you prefer to be a sole investor.

Unfortunately, we are not able do all the projects ourselves, we attract investors who shares with us the vision of another world of aesthetics and unlimited possibilities. The very idea is based on our “know-how”, otherwise it would be impossible to implement that high level.

These projects make history.

There’s no match on the market and all projects have to be done from scratch but with talent. They put the market away from the impersonality and monotony. It doesn't matter what style to do. Great projects have their face and personality to outlive the creators. They stand out of fashion as masterpieces.

We do not claim such a place of honor. We try to get closer to it. We bring a mission of doing things not better but differently.

Nature has created endless abstract drawings. They show us universal beauty. Its mixture of colors, the combination of the seemingly incompatible are remained in eternity. But the tasteless works of human hands, trying to compete with nature, will be forgotten.

We strive to the beauty by definition reflecting the world of luxury, when the words luxury and exclusivity were synonymous.

Perhaps, we are the people from the past, but we are also the people looking to the future.

We selected a niche where the universal aesthetics rules, like the aesthetics of nature where no one has contradictory feelings about. No one blames nature for creating kitsch because its aesthetics are universal.

We are not for everyone, but definitely for those aesthetes, still enough in the world.

We give an opportunity to find an interesting business with us to many people.



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