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How to Maximize Resale Value When Building a House

Building a new villa in Marbella

When you decide to build a new home, it is always better to determine some conditions in advance, in order to increase the sales price of the property. The highest price on the real estate market is always found for exclusive and unique units. In order to get this kind of property, it is better to apply to specialists who are able to accomplish this job. And then a package solution for this type of projects is possible. As a rule, these are boutique class developers. Their team includes all the professionals you may need to implement the project.

Of course, you could contact a real estate agency to find a suitable plot of land to build on. They also recommend the architect and the builder. But still, the best option remains narrowly focused companies capable of comprehensively solving the problem. They are in the niche business and know much more than just realtors, especially if the task is to build a property for resale with maximum profit.

Investment Club, Marbella

Luxury property in Marbella

The investment company is not just engaged in a comprehensive solution in designing property projects, but also in creating high-yield investment projects from A to Z: from the concept itself to its full implementation. The team includes professionals with extensive experience in the luxury industry.

There are principles that work here for us, which are a kind of know-how of the company.

Firstly, we have enough unique projects with the required criteria in our electronic library of ideas. We know everything about real estate, as we have many years of experience in this industry.

The most important feature is the fact that we have our own factories in Southeast Asia, dealing with ultra luxury segment.

Our tested know-how to get high-yield in real esate

Location of property

High-yield investment projects are directly related to their location. For their maximum benefits, the property must fall not just into the luxury category, but into ultra luxury. This means that we have to find the most prestigious locations for construction. One of the most highly elite places in Marbella is Urbanization La Zagaleta. In this prestigious area the cost of homes is always in the price range we need.

Architecture & Concept

Build Luxury property in Marbella

We have to abandon the stereotypes of the market and avoid following the typical trends. The market offers standard solutions: typical "boxes" style architecture. We need custom solutions and a unique concept. So architecture has to be different and unique from everything that is on the market and it has to have a history of its own.

Best Villa design in Marbella

An illustration of that is one of the Investment Club's projects - "Villa Don Quixote", where everything is designed around the famous Cervantes in the New Andalucian architectural style.

Best villa design in Marbella

The second example is our one-of-a-kind 'Villa on the Lake' concept, where we have an artificial lake around the property, with a very special design for the property taking into account the philosophy of feng shui.

Interior Design & Bespoke Furniture

Today there is the substitution of the concept. Interior design is being replaced by interior decoration. And this is not the same thing. Interior design is an architectural solution of space, it includes decoration. Partly, this substitution of concepts is explained by the high cost of high-end interiors, as well as the disability of European factories to implement all the unique ideas and elaborations of designers. We need exactly this kind of approach: to design interiors that are able to generate special atmosphere and evoke a feeling of light euphoria. We use our own factories in Asia and supply all the decorative items directly. These are special production facilities, where the quality is equal to or higher than Italian and European analogues.

Luxury interior design in Marbella for villas

And of course, in unique projects there shouldn't be standard furniture from the catalogs. All the furniture in our projects is the designer's work. Only in this case, the interior furnishing of the house is one more tool in forming a high selling price of the property.

Best interior design and bespoke furniture in Marbella

Unique Landscaping

A unique property requires uniqueness in everything. The landscape plays a great role in the overall perception. That's why we give it a special attention with unconventional design approaches. We change the standard design of swimming pools and do swimming lakes.

Small architectural forms and custom solutions for shaping private areas in such mini parks bring exclusivity to their landscape.

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